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Sprint To Middle Distance Pigeons For Sale

Here are our sprint to middle distance breeding stock and pigeons currently for sale.

Ring Number/NameStrainSireDamSexPrice
GB20Z43846Staf Van ReetTriton 1NefertitiHen£400.00
GB20Z43876Staf Van Reet, VandenabeelePerseus007Cock£750.00
Son of Just The JobStaf Van ReetJust The JobSuper GirlCock£4,500.00

Our Sprint To Middle Distance Pigeons

Aphrodite 1

Aphrodite Super looking Bird Always Stock Shore to Breed Big Winners any were in the World Dtr Of Red dawn & The Tame one Full Sister to HMS Invincible 2X1st Derby Arona car Winner , Won Thousands of Pounds In Pools aslo Just the Job 2 2nd King of the Atalntic , no Better Birds […]

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Ares 1

Ares 1 late Bred 2018 Kept for Stock son of Red dawn great producer Sire of Just the Job.

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Big Eyes

The golden stock bird, super breeder, sire of 4 out of 4 sent in the Final of the Derby Arona. Sire of HMS Invincible 1st – Semi Final and Car Winner also 1st & 27 Gran Canaria against 1000s, 2nd King of the Atlantic Great lines, i.e. James Bond. I have only had 2 years […]

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Just The Job

All the great Lines Daniel, Mirage. Supervisor. Red Storm, Just the job Won 3 rd 9th 10th 18th Open Derby Arona missed winning a car by 3sec and another car by 50 sec. Won thousands of pounds. Superb looking pigeon ideal foundation bird to build a Dynasty of birds that can compete any were in […]

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Little Tiger

The Golden Stock Hen Dam of 4 out of 4 sent in the Final of the Derby Arona. Dam of HMS Invincible 1st in the Semi Final and Car Winner also 1st Gran Canaria, 27th Gran Canaria against 1000s of the best birds in the world. Great lines i.e. Red Storm (only bird on day […]

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Daughter of the golden stock pair. Proven birds winning money all over the world i.e HMS Invincible 1st Semi Final & Car Winner, 1st Gran Canaria, 27th Gran Canaria bred 4 out of 4 birds that flew in the Final of the Derby Arona 2019. Nefertiti mother of Mary Rose 2 who was also in […]

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Bred for stock from Big Eyes golden stock bird sire of 4 out of 4 sent in the final of the Derby Arona.

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Full brother to HMS Invincible 1st gran canaria, 1st semi final and car winner 27th gran canaria also Just The Job 2, 2nd King of the Atlantic Derby Arona 2019.

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Red Baron

Always stock, sire of Little Tiger – dam of HMS Invincible,1st Semi Final and Car Winner Derby Arona. Brother, Red Dawn, sired Just the Job. These birds have won £1000s in just a few years.

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Red Dawn

From Red Storm, Red Dawn sired Just the Job 3rd, 10th, 9th Open Derby Arona. Brother to Red Baron sire of Little Tiger and the Golden Stock hen, dam of HMS Invincible 2 x 1st and car winner.

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Red Storm

A great racer in his time with achievements such as 1st Bourges (530 miles) being the only bird on the day. Direct descendant of De Elf 6 x 1st Dikke Prins 26 x 1st, Red Daniel 19 x 1st, Old Daniel 57 x 1st. He’s already producing winners like ‘Amelia’.

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Son of The Old Mealy

Last ever son of the Old mealy, super stock bird and sire of Red Storm who is sire of Red Baron and Red Dawn – sire of Just the Job 3rd, 9th, 10th open Derby Arona 2018. 

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Always stock, daughter of one of our best birds. Flew Bordeaux as a yearling. Already breeding great birds, mother of Megatron.

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The Beauty

Super looking bird, sired from Harry, winner of 5 x 1st. Down from the Dockerty cock 1st Up North Combine 27000 Birds. Dam down form the Jackpot 2 Heremans-Ceusters. Great lines certain to breed Winners. Raced as young Bird and now a stock bird.

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The Golden Hen

Superb hen late bred in 2014. Daughter of Red Baron and I am sure will breed a stack of big winners. Presently sending young birds from this hen all over the world to One Loft Races. Great lines Red Dawn, brother to Red Baron. From Red Storm grandson of Red Daniel, Dam of Triton. 12th […]

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The Tame One

Flown 200mls as young bird then put to stock. Full sister to HMS Invincible – once in a lifetime pigeon won over £4k in Derby Arona and a car 1st Semi Final and 1st Gran Canaria, 27th Gran Canaria, 68th Sea Race against over 3300 birds. Full sister to Just the Job.

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Triton 1

Late bred in 2018 Son of Red Dawn Great producer Sire of Just the Job one Thousands of Pounds In Derby Arona Missed 1 Car by 3 sec And another Car by 50 sec Dam of Triton Full sister to HMS Invinsible 1st Gran Canaria 27th Gran Canaria 1st Semi final and Car Winner Shore […]

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