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Our Results

All of our stock birds have been specially selected from proven racers and breeders by myself using knowledge accumulated from over 40 years experience in breeding and racing pigeons, winning hundreds of first prizes and first federations over that time.

Most results below have been achieved racing only 12 widowhood cocks and 8 hens.

1st Aire & Wharfe Combine Clermont
1st Great Yorkshire Amalgamation Clermont
1st Great North of England F.C Clermont
1st Federation Fareham 208 miles
1st Federation Falaise 350 miles
1st Federation Le Mans 400 miles
1st Aire & Wharfe Eastbourne Classic 216 miles (beating 40,000 pigeons)
1st Aire & Wharfe Le Ferte Bernard
1st Section 2nd Open Great North of England F.C Folkestone
1st Aire & Wharfe Combine Falaise 350 miles
1st Aire & Wharfe Valley Le Mans 400 miles
1st Fareham Y.B. Aire & Wharfe Combine
1st Aire & Wharfe Combine Fareham Y.B.
1st Fareham Old Bird 208 miles Aire & Wharfe Combine (Fastest Velocity EVER in Combine – Over 2400 Y.P.M)
1st, 4th & 5th Open Northern Classic (561 miles on the day – All three birds timed in 9 minutes)
4th, 5th & 6th Leeds & Dist. Amal Poitiers (505 miles on the day – 3 birds timed in 4 minutes)
1st Combine Poitiers (505 miles on the day – main pair again)