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Red Dawn

Staf Van Reet

Ring No: GB13N39069
Color: Red Cheq
Reference: B1

From Red Storm Great Racer direct descendant of De Elf 6x1st Dikke Prins 26x1st Red Daniel 19x1st Old Daniel 57x1st Red Dawn sire of Just the Job 3rd10th 9th Open Derby Arona. Brother to Red Barron sire of Lttle Tiger the Golden Stock hen Dam of HMS Invincible 2x1st and car winner, also just Job 2 2nd King of Atalntic.

"Red Dawn" is Currently Paired UP

Other Staf Van Reet Pigeons

Red Baron

Son of Red Storm – 1st Bourges 530 miles, only bird on day. Already sire of Megatron in the final of the South African Million Dollar Race.

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