Son of Blue Birdy


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“From Blue Birdy strong inbred to South African Wonder Birdy Best Million Dollar Ever 1st KO 1st G Ave Winner 1st Hot Spot Win Celine Sister to Victor 1 Million Dollar Final Race 200.
Thousand, Mother Tame One – 1st GB 3rd Algarve Full Sister to HMS Invincible 2 X 1st Derby Arona and Semifinal Car Winner Just the Job 2 ,2 King of the Atlantic”

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ImageRing NumberStrainSireDamSexPrice
GB20Z65350Staf Van ReetAtlasPersephoneCock£350.00
GB20Z65400Staf Van ReetSon of Red BaronThe Golden HenHen£450.00
GB20Z66458Jim Biss, Staf Van ReetAtlasPersephoneCock£250.00
GB20Z43885Diemister, Jim Biss, John HalsteadDark LordCleopatraHen£350.00
GB20Z65352Staf Van ReetTriton 1NefertitiCock£250.00
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