Dtr Irish Sea Pigeon


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From the Irish Sea Pigeon a super bird who is a full brother to HMS Invincible the 2 times 1st Derby Arona and semifinal car winner. Also a brother to The Tame One a super stock hen mother to Desert King 1st GB, 6th Golden Algarve out of 5028 birds. Mother to the daughter of Victoria Great Million Dollar winning lines Victor, My Price winning over $300.000

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ImageRing NumberStrainSireDamSexPrice
GB20Z65350Staf Van ReetAtlasPersephoneCock£350.00
GB20Z65400Staf Van ReetSon of Red BaronThe Golden HenHen£450.00
GB20Z66458Jim Biss, Staf Van ReetAtlasPersephoneCock£250.00
GB20Z43885Diemister, Jim Biss, John HalsteadDark LordCleopatraHen£350.00
GB20Z65352Staf Van ReetTriton 1NefertitiCock£250.00
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