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STILL IN THE MOULT. From our best pair of Long Distance Birds The Dark Lord and Cleopatra. These birds can fly all day and a seconed day. Eassily fly over 700 miles. We have timed birds in Africa at 500 Miles with a 10 month old. Also parents of the Phoenix 2nd Federation of 515 miles with only 2 birds back on the day. 1st Fed of 350 Miles, 3rd Bordeux of 617 miles. Super Pigeons.

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ImageRing NumberStrainSireDamSexPrice
GB20Z65350Staf Van ReetAtlasPersephoneCock£350.00
GB20Z65400Staf Van ReetSon of Red BaronThe Golden HenHen£450.00
GB20Z66458Jim Biss, Staf Van ReetAtlasPersephoneCock£250.00
GB20Z65352Staf Van ReetTriton 1NefertitiCock£250.00
GB21A43003Alfons Klass, Murray & MillsBro European MasterHMS Destroyer 2Cock£950.00
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