Derby Arona – Tenerife

Of the 2,428 birds that were entered into the first qualifying race, only 408 made it to the final race. Of that only 303 were timed in the races from Gran Canaria and Fuerteventura, these are some of the most testing and arduous conditions for any modern day racing pigeon.

Our Performance

‘Just the Job’, a Staf Van Reet, was with the leading pack in 5 races and was only 50 seconds short of winning a car for one race and then beaten again by only 3 seconds for yet another car race.

All in all, ‘Just the Job’ finished in the 5 races; 57th, 18th, 10th, 9th and 3rd place in the semi-final and was also 52nd place Grand Average International King on the Atlantic and 207th place in the final race.

Auctioned on Pipa

As with many one loft races, an auction was held for the top performing birds and ‘Just the Job’ was listed for auction online over on Pipa.

Though due to his performance and clear racing ability I decided to put a bid in and re-acquire him myself to be returned to Britain. He is now back in our loft.

Young Birds Available

We currently still have some later young birds available from the end of June, early July.

All of the young birds we sell are the same way bred as the birds that we are sending to the one loft races around the world.

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