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Son of The Old Mealy + The Tame One

Pair: M1M2

Great pairing here all the best blood lines from Staf Van Reet Old Danial, and blood lines of Gaby Vandenabeele back to Rasputin.

Son of The Old Mealy


Last ever son of the Old mealy, super stock Bird sire of Red Storm, who is sire of Red Barron & Red Dawn sire of Just the Job 3rd 9th 10th open Derby Arona 2018 Won over £2500 pounds Super Winning lines going Back Red Daniel,& De Elf,

Staf Van Reet
Ring No: GB15N91935
Colour: Mealy
Reference: M1

The Tame One


Flown 200mls as young bird then put to stock. Full sister to HMS INVINSIBLE Once in a Life time Pigeon Won over £4.000 Pounds in Derby Arona also won a Car 1st Semi Final and 1st Gran Canaria 27th Gran Canaria 68th Sea Race over 3300 birds in Competition ,also full sister to Just the Job 2 ,2nd King of the ATLANTIC, from our Best stock Pair .

Gaby Vandenabeele
Ring No: GB17Z049925
Colour: Cheq
Reference: M2

pigeons from the above pair are £200

Pair Reference: M1M2

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