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Red Baron + Dionysus

Pair: G1G2

Red Baron


Always stock sire Little tiger Golden Stock Hen also brother Red Dawn Sire of Just the Job Won over £2000 one Race These Birds Have Won £1000s of Pounds in Just a few Years ,Little Tiger Dam of HMS Invincible 1st Semi Final and Car Winner Derby Arona also won over £4000 HMS Invincible sister to Just the Job 2 2nd King of the Atlantic 2019

Staf Van Reet
Ring No: GB13N39060
Colour: Red
Reference: G1



Always stock sire the Phoenix one of our best long Distance Birds 3rd Boredeux 645mls 2nd fed 518 mls only 2 Birds. Very hard race. Dam the Beauty bred Down from the Dockerty Cock 1st up North Comb 27.000 birds and down from Jackpot 2 Heremans-ceusters

Diemister x Jim Bliss
Ring No: GB18Z81061
Colour: Blue
Reference: G2

pigeons from the above pair are £200

Pair Reference: G1G2

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