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Just The Job + Selena

Pair: S1S2

Just The Job


All the great Lines Daniel, Mirage. Supervisor. Red Storm, Just the job Won 3 rd 9th 10th 18th Open Derby Arona missed winning a car by 3sec and another car by 50 sec. Won thousands of pounds. Superb looking pigeon ideal foundation bird to build a Dynasty of birds that can compete any were in the World.

Van Reet X Leen Boers
Ring No: GB17Z049942
Colour: Red Cheq
Reference: S1



Great Stock hen which I have only had for 2 years. Dam of Hercules super long distance bird 4th Poitiers 515mls. Very hard race only 9 back in two day. I am confident that this bird is capable of flying very long distances definitely over 700 mls. Great hopes for Hercules. Also Dam of Jasmine won money in the Final of the Denmark Race 400 km very hard Race.

Ring No: GB13C07013
Reference: S2

pigeons from the above pair are £250

Pair Reference: S1S2

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