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Derby Arona: 2020 Sea Race 1

The Derby Arona 2020 Sea Race is a 90 km race and is the first official Derby Arona 2020 race.

Pigeons are liberated 25 km offshore after which they have to navigate a number of islands (plenty of temptations to land) before reaching dry land for a final 65 km stretch.

Out of the 11 birds we sent, only 1 brave soul was lost.

The Results – 1st Place

I personally couldn’t ask for a better result from this race, not only did we win but most of our pigeons are still intact, while many fanciers have had complete wipeouts…

Both of these facts surely speaks to the quality of pigeons we are entering into these races. Dynamic pigeons with endurance, brains and that sorely missed good old English can-do attitude.

The winning pigeon, Sea Pigeon 1, is the daughter of Red Baron who I’ve recently paired with a new hen.

If you’re interested in purchasing birds the same way bred – don’t delay, please get in touch or buy online. There truly is a limited supply and prices may increase if we continue to get these kinds of results!

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