Ares 1

Ares 1 late Bred 2018 Kept for Stock son of Red Storm great Racer and producer G Sire of Just the Job 3rd 9th 10th 18th Open Derby Arona against thousands of Birds Missed 1 car by 3 sec another Car by 50 sec Red Storm Only Bird on Day 530 MLs Sire G sire Of Big Winners I.e HMS Invincible 2x 1st Derby Arona And Car Winner.

  • Strain: Staf Van Reet
  • Ring No: GB18Z89028
  • Colour: Strawberry Mealy
  • Sex: Cock

Direct descendants for sale

Ring Number/NameStrainSireDamSexPrice
GB21A43034Staf Van ReetAres 1Storm HomeHen£450.00
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