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murray & Mills racing pigeons

We are pleased to offer fanciers in the UK and overseas a range of pigeons from our core breeding stock and pairings capable of sprint, middle and long distance.

One Loft Results

A snapshot of our 2019 results.

Victoria Falls

  • 5th GB 123rd International (1482 birds - 619km)
  • 2nd GB 9th International (2333 birds - 103 km)
  • 2nd GB 86th International (3000 birds - Grand Ave)
  • 1st GB 71st International (3000 birds - ace pigeon - only British pigeon time in at races up to 619km)
  • 1st GB 3rd International (1842 birds - semifinal Algarve Derby 250km)
  • 1st GB 2nd King of The Atlantic (over 3000 birds)

Derby Arona

  • 3rd GB 7th International King of Spring (over 3000 birds)
    9th GB 1st 67th International
  • 1st GB 1st International (over 3000 birds)
  • 5th GB 27th International (over 3000 birds)
  • 4th GB 12th International (over 3000 birds)
  • 4th GB 40th International
  • 1st GB 1st International Semi Final and Car Winner

Core Pigeons (Main Breeders)

Here's a sample of our main breeding pigeons. Given our results in 2019 (and so far this year) we feel confident in offering pigeons for sale bred from these birds.

Just The Job

Van Reet x Leen Boers

All the great Lines Daniel, Mirage, Supervisor, Red Storm. Just the Job Won 3rd, 9th, 10th, and 18th Open Derby Arona (missed winning a car by 3 seconds and another car by 50 seconds). Won thousands of pounds! Superb looking pigeon ideal foundation bird to build a Dynasty of birds that can compete anywhere in the world.

Color: Red Cheq
Sex: Cock

Son of the Old Mealy

Staf Van Reet

Last ever son of the Old mealy, super stock bird and sire of Red Storm who is sire of Red Baron and Red Dawn – sire of Just the Job 3rd, 9th, 10th open Derby Arona 2018.
Sire of 3rd Place Derby Algarve Semi-Final

Color: ​Mealy
Sex: Cock

Red Storm

Staf Van Reet

A great racer in his time with achievements such as 1st Bourges (530 miles) being the only bird on the day. Direct descendant of De Elf 6 x 1st Dikke Prins 26 x 1st, Red Daniel 19 x 1st, Old Daniel 57 x 1st. Sire and G sire of all our main birds; Just the Job, Red Dawn, Red Baron, Little Tiger. His offspring are great produces of big winners.

Color: ​​Red
Sex: Cock

Red Dawn

Staf Van Reet

From Red Storm, Red Dawn sired Just the Job 3rd, 10th, 9th Open Derby Arona. Brother to Red Baron sire of Little Tiger and the Golden Stock hen, dam of HMS Invincible 2 x 1st and car winner.

Color: ​​Red Cheq
Sex: Cock

Past Results

Most of the results below have been achieved racing only 12 widowhood cocks and 8 hens.

  • 1st Aire & Wharfe Combine Clermont
  • 1st Great Yorkshire Amalgamation Clermont
  • 1st Great North of England F.C Clermont
  • 1st Federation Fareham 208 miles
  • 1st Federation Falaise 350 miles
  • 1st Federation Le Mans 400 miles
  • 1st Aire & Wharfe Eastbourne Classic 216 miles (beating 40,000 pigeons)
  • 1st Aire & Wharfe Le Ferte Bernard
  • 1st Section 2nd Open Great North of England F.C Folkestone
  • 1st Aire & Wharfe Combine Falaise 350 miles
  • 1st Aire & Wharfe Valley Le Mans 400 miles
  • 1st Fareham Y.B. Aire & Wharfe Combine
  • 1st Aire & Wharfe Combine Fareham Y.B.
  • 1st Fareham Old Bird 208 miles Aire & Wharfe Combine (Fastest Velocity EVER in Combine – Over 2400 Y.P.M)
  • 1st, 4th & 5th Open Northern Classic (561 miles on the day – All three birds timed in 9 minutes)
  • 4th, 5th & 6th Leeds & Dist. Amal Poitiers (505 miles on the day – 3 birds timed in 4 minutes)
  • 1st Combine Poitiers (505 miles on the day – main pair again)

Pedigree Pigeons

All of our pigeons come with full and accurate pedigrees. Rest assured, you will find only quality here. 

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