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High Calibre Racing Pigeons

The product of years of experience and dedication to the sport.

What distance pigeons are you looking for?

Through much testing and experimentation of our own – entering various one loft races and keeping good records, we have organised our pigeons for sale into two groups according to their distance capabilities.

Group 1

Sprint, Middle and Distance

Our sprint, middle and distance birds are from our main stock pigeons consisting of Staf Van Reet, Gaby Vandenabeele, Soontjens and Leen Boers. 

Group 2

Long Distance

If you need long distance flyers we have Diemister, John Halstead, Jim Bliss and Jan Aarden pigeons which can go up to 500 to 750 miles.

Pedigree Pigeons

All of our pigeons come with full and accurate pedigrees. We only have quality birds here.

Safe Payment

We only take card payments via trusted payment gateway providers such as Stripe and Square.

Reliable Delivery

We use only the most tried and trusted UK based pigeon transport services. See here for more information.